Space Invader, WK Interact Art Show-Fotos

Juxtapoz hat ein paar sehr schöne Bilder von einer Ausstellung von Space Invader und WK Interact in New York.

Space Invader showed up towards the end of the event, donned a Darth Vader mask, and proceeded to sign everyone's books by lathering a layer of blue paint on the bottom of his shoe and stomping on the book. Brilliant.

WK Interact and Space Invader at Jonathan LeVine, WK Interact, Space Invader

[update] Hier ein schönes Video der Ausstellung: „After watching master street artist Space Invader sign his autograph with his custom sneaker, GLKcreative had the crazy idea of photographing the man of the hour giving a swift kick to the lens. I also handed a video camera to Jonathan LeVine.“

(Youtube Direktinvader)