Ukulele Force: Strange Star Wars-Albums

Ukulele Force ist nur eins von 8 sehr strangen Star Wars-Alben bei Topless Robot. Das Ding gibt's übrigens tatsächlich bei Amazon zu kaufen, kostet auch nur 66 Euro.


The Aztec calendar ends in three years, and chances are that Quetzacoatl is going to come back and fuck things up for all of us. When he does, I sincerely hope that this release's ukulele rendition of the Mos Eisley Cantina theme plays across the planet as the world burns. It would be the perfect coda to the human experience and all the joys and suffering that came with it. As for the album, it was released in 2005 by the absurd geniuses at Japan's Geneon Entertainment. It's an expensive import, but sometimes you have to pay for brilliance, no?

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