Banksy Interview


Die Times Online hat anläßlich Banksys Ausstellung in Bristol ein Interview mit ihm geführt.

Aren’t you a bit old now to be a graffiti artist?

It seems a shame to quit just when you’re getting used to it. The police try to make out that expressing yourself on the streets is in some way juvenile, but I disagree. Otherwise, the look of your city is entirely at the mercy of hormonal teenagers or bureaucrats in city hall. [...]

What is the difference between graffiti and vandalism?

Graffiti is only vandalism when it’s done very, very well.

These days, you are one of the richest, most famous and most successful artists in Britain. Does that make you feel good or bad?

I’m under no illusions that my “success” in the art world says a lot more about other artists than it says about me. Most of the other stuff is crap. It’s pretentious, pointless and doesn’t make any sense. Whereas I’m only like that at weekends.

Banksy goes home to shake-up Bristol (via Bigod)

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