Kunst aus Insekten

08.06.2009 Misc #Art #Insects

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Curious Expeditions hat ein Interview mit der Künstlerin Jennifer Angus, die zwei Räume im Newark Museum über und über mit geometrisch angeordneten Insekten übersät hat. Leider haben sie viel zu wenig Bilder der Ausstellung gemacht, aber wurscht, weil trotzdem toll.

Nestled within the Ballentine House, Angus has taken two rooms, the former rooms of the two Ballentine children, and covered them in insects. From a distance it looks like wallpaper, but upon closer inspection, the walls have been covered in thousands of precisely pinned bugs. Giant pink grasshoppers, perfect replicas of leaves and iridescent jewel beetles all swarm the walls in orderly geometric patterns.

Around the room beautiful octagonal shadow boxes hold scenes of insects, while cabinets display carefully pinned and labeled specimens and display cases hold wax dioramas in which insects play out fairytale scenes.

A World of Insects