25 Jahre Tetris


Das Bild oben zeigt die allererste Version von Tetris, das heute vor 25 Jahren am 6. Juni 1984 von Alexey Pajitnov veröffentlicht wurde. Damals lief das Game auf einem Elektronika 60, einer russischen Kopie eines Rechners namens PDP-11.


Ich weiß nicht, wieviele Stunden ich in meinem Leben bisher mit Tetris verbracht habe, aber es dürften einige sein, egal ob nun auf dem C64 oder dem Gameboy damals und es dürfte nach Tic Tac Toe wohl das stilprägendste Puzzle-Game aller Zeiten sein, das bis heute die Spielewelt beeinflusst. Anlässlich des Jubiläum spendiert Google dem Game ein eigenes Google-Logo und der Guardian hat einen Artikel über die Geburt des Spiels.

Pajitnov, then 29, thought the puzzles were fun, but after a few experiments there was one roughly-hewn game that stood out from the others. "The program wasn't complicated," he says. "There was no scoring, no levels. But I started playing and I couldn't stop. That was it."

Russia is used to revolutions, but this was something different: Tetris had been born.

The concept is simple: from the top of the screen a series of differently-shaped "blocks" fall slowly towards the bottom. The player can turn each block as it falls – making a line into a column, say – or move it sideways, but once it hits the lowest point, it stays. If the blocks fill a line without gaps, they disappear. Otherwise they pile up, giving the player less and less time before they hit the "bottom".

Simple; but hugely addictive. A quarter of a century later, it has a legitimate claim to being the videogame that has truly conquered the world. In all its forms, Tetris has sold more than 70m copies around the globe; it has spawned architecture, art and music; it has earned multiple Guinness World Records (including "Longest Prison Sentence for Playing a Video Game", for a man who kept playing it on his mobile phone during a flight against crew demands) and is regularly voted one of the top games of all time.

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