Anatomie Popup-Buch


Nein, dieses Buch ist leider nicht real, but hell I wish it was. Wie toll wäre denn bitte ein Popup-Buch mit aufklappenden Gehirnen und heraushüpfenden Augäpfeln? Das Bild ist Teil eines Flickr-Sets von Crowolf voller mumifizierter Feen und Faune, alle auf vintage Mythologie getrimmt. Unter dem Bild des Popup-Buchs steht:

Medical Oddities, Nature's Anomalies and Carnival Gaffs: A Pop Up Book for Children, a rather odd book from the Colmore Collection.
The mummy face in the middle does not appear to be made from paper. It has a pliable leathery texture. It is quite similar to a mummy that was part of the American Dime Museum's collection. There is no author or publishing information listed anywhere in this volume. I suspect it is a one of a kind privately produced work. Note that the titular card has the word "anomalies" misspelled. It appears correctly on the cover and title page of the tome itself. Many of the items depicted throughout the book appear in other forms as part of the Colmore Collection.

Parting The Veil of Faery, The Colmore Fatagravures (via Morbid Anatomy)