Wally Woods Illustration von Marvel Heroes vs. Cartoon Characters


Ich liebe diese Illustration von Wally Wood, in der Marvel Superhelden klassische Cartoon Charaktere plattmachen wollen. Der Artikel zur Illu ist ein konservatives Schmierstück, dass die scheinbare Gewalt in den Marvel Cartoons anprangert. Yeah, als ob Bugs Bunny tatsächlich ein friedliebender, harmloser Hase gewesen wäre. Den ganzen Artikel gibt's auf Lady that's my skull, Snip:

The accompanying article complains mostly about the violence in the new generation of cartoons featuring the "weirdies", the Super-Heroes. While the piece does mention both sides of the argument about the effects of violence on children it comes down in favor of the classic and presumably more kid-friendly characters from animation. The author seems to have forgotten how incredibly violent the old cartoons were. They were astonishingly brutal even with the heavy editing that was performed prior to network broadcast to ensure all the explosions and maiming of bunnies at the hands of crazed opera singers were not shown and all the horror occurred between scenes or off-screen.

Additionally, the heroes have and practiced a morality that the funny animal characters never did. More often than not the anthropomorphic critters are portrayed as amoral, homicidal manipulators and every bit as immoral as the villains the super-heroes battle. At the time of this article some groups may have been of the opinion that a rodent setting off a stick of dynamite in a cat's mouth in order to steal a piece of cheese was harmless, but using a fist made of stone to stop Dr. Doom from conquering the planet was irredeemably damaging to the psyche of children.

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