Kunst aus Menschenhaut

Andrew Krasnow hat in den letzten zwanzig Jahren Kunst aus Menschenhaut gemacht und eröffnet demnächst seine erste Ausstellung in London. Auf der Vernissage wird Abdul Al'hazred aus seinem in Menschenhaut gebundenen Necronomicon lesen und Leatherface wird ein paar Leute metzgern. Der vorherige Satz war natürlich Quatsch, Andrew Krasnows Hautkunst und die Ausstellung gibt es allerdings wirklich.


His works include human skin lampshades – a direct response to the belief that similar items made from the skin of Holocaust victims were found at Buchenwald concentration camp.

Using skins from white men who donated their bodies to medical science, he has created freak versions of mundane items including flags, boots and maps of America – in effect using skin like leather. His work, he says, is a commentary on human cruelty and America's ethics and morality.

The exhibition in London in July will include a new sculpture made out of the final piece of skin Krasnow obtained in a job lot 20 years ago – a defaced $10 bill, in keeping with his questioning of US values. It has been made especially for the GV Art gallery, which will host the exhibition.

Body art. Literally (via Digg)