Vice über das C-Base, die 4,5 Millionen alte Raumstation unter Berlin

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Vice hat einen schönen Artikel und Interview über Berlins C-Base (Wikipedia), das sich selbst als 4,5 Millionen Jahre alte Raumstation verkauft. Ich hab's bisher vor lauter Faulheit Zeitmangel bisher noch nicht geschaft, mir das Ding mal anzusehen, dürfte sich aber bald ändern, weil unter anderem Treffen der Piratenpartei dort stattfinden. Das Video oben stammt von der Website der Raumstation, Snip vom Vice-Mag:

Vice: Hello, can you please explain what C-base is?
Hein-C: C-base is a space station. When you take a look at our logo you see that the televions tower is not what everybody else thinks it is. It is the center of our space station and functions as our transmitter. It wasn’t built in the 60s. It was exposed by agents who thought they were construction workers due to a post-zygote blocking they had. The transmitter came to light because after WWII so much scrap metal came to Berlin that self-destruction set on. That included parts of our communication system. Certain parts of the actuation cause the ball on top of the transmitter to have two different energetic fields and these have a bigger influence than the station itself. That makes it possible to leave the space-time continuum and do intercellular traveling.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff … I thought, space stations belong into outer space?
C-base came in the earth’s orbit about 4.5 million years ago and crashed 250,000 years ago.

Berlin’s space station (via Cakehead)