Giant Regenwürmer from outer space


Pünktlich zum Abendessen: Forgematori hat eine ganze Portion riesiger Regenwürmer from outer Space. Squirm ist ja auch so ein Film, den man sich mal wieder ansehen müsste. Ich mach' mir jetzt Spaghetti, aber that's just me.

Here in Brazil we have our very own Minhocuçu (Rhinodrilus e Glossoscolex spp) which can easily grow beyond half a meter in length an almost an inch in diameter.

And it’s not by far the longest earthworm recorded.

The Microchaetidae family in South Africa is a group where all species can reach over a meter in length. This is no folk tale or cryptozoological rumor: specimens of this size have been duly recorded for over a century already.

And even those are not the champions. The title goes to the Megascolecidae family from Australia. The record: 2,1 meters by 24 millimeters thick.

Humongous Earthworms