Rare Photos from early Star Trek-Conventions


Newsweek hat eine tolle Fotoserie mit Bildern aus frühen Star Trek-Conventions, als die Serie bereits abgesetzt und der erste Film noch nicht gedreht war, zusammen mit Audio-Kommentaren von Angelique Trouvere, einer der ersten Trekkies. Offensichtlich bestanden die frühen Trekkies aus einer Horde Drag Queens.

The first 'Star Trek' conventions were spawned from a letter-writing campaign, spearheaded by a largely female group of fans, to keep the struggling show alive. While their efforts kept the original show going for just one more season ('Trek' was on the air from 1966 to 1969), the Trekkie army grew by thousands. In this gallery, costume designer Angelique Trouvere, a Trekkie from way back (at right, sporting a "Deela" costume at a 1976 convention), offers a glimpse into the wild, weird and woman-centric conventions of the early 1970s. Set your phasers on funky, as we warp nostalgic in this "Star Trek" family album.

Where Trekkies were born – Rare Photos from early Star Trek-Conventions (via Cyn-C)