Fotos von der abgesagten Michael Jackson-Versteigerung


Lindy West hat die Michael Jackson-Sammlung gesehen, deren Versteigerung der Herr Jackson in letzter Minute abgesagt hat. Weil er ja jetzt Geld kriegt für fünfzig (!) Abschiedskonzerte. (Vorher auf Nerdcore: Michael Jackson for Sale, Michael Jacksons Comeback und The Onions „Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson“)

Touring the Michael Jackson auction collection is exactly like touring the inside of MJ's baroque, gold-plated crazybrain. Turns out, the inside of MJ's baroque, gold-plated crazybrain is the most fun and wondrous place you've ever been. It's also suuuper depressing!

It's the kind of place where it's impossible to decide what to take a picture of. IMPOSSIBLE! Everything is fucked up AND totally fucked. The weirdest revelation of the day was MJ's apparent obsession with lifesize wax figures of elderly white people in folksy poses and varying bonnets.

Goodbye, Brain! Sorry I Accidentally Exploded You! (via Reddit)