Playing for Change: „One Love“ und „Don't worry“

(Youtube Direktonelove, via KFMW)

(Youtube Direktdontworry)

Im November 2008 bloggte ich schonmal über das Projekt „Playing for Change“, damas schrieb ich: „Mark Johnson reist um die Welt und nimmt „globale“ Songs auf. Jeweils ein Straßenmusiker nimmt eine der Spuren auf, die am Ende zu einem kompletten Song zusammengefügt werden“. Oben nun die beiden Nachfolger zum sensationellen „Stand by me“: Ein Song von Pierre Minetti namens „Don't worry“ und das Bob Marley-Cover „One Love“. Snip von Amazon:

Bill Moyers called it a remarkable example of "the simple yet transformative power of music... to touch something in each of us." Variety acknowledged it as "a great showcase for just what incredible, thoroughly accessible popular music is being made worldwide. Utilizing innovative mobile audio/video techniques, Playing for Change (PFC) records musicians outdoors in cities and townships worldwide. They've travelled from post-Katrina New Orleans to post-apartheid South Africa, from the remote beauty of the Himalayas to the religious diversity of Jerusalem. Their talents are captured in myriad environments: under the sun and beneath the streetlights... in public parks, plazas and promenades... in doorways, on cobblestone streets, amid hilly pueblos. Their performances are subsequently combined in allowing them to collaborate - albeit separated by hundreds, or even thousands, of miles.

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