Gothic Rubiks Cube


Instructables-User gtig hat diesen taktilen DIY-Rubiks Cube mit Anleitung zum Selberbasteln gepostet. Das Ding ist eigentlich für blinde Menschen oder solche, die auch gerne im Dunkeln Rubiks Cubes lösen. Ich finde, das Ding ist für Cenobiten oder Goths, die gerne im Sarg an Rubiks Cubes rumschrauben.

Rather than building hand-eye coordination, it builds hand-mind coordination.

I find that solving this cube is a challenge above and beyond a normal rubik's cube. It takes me significantly longer to solve than a normal cube. But as a result my speedcubing times on regular cubes have dropped exponentially. Because it uses areas of my brain a normal cube do not (memory/perspective... seeing it in touch and shapes rather than eyesight and color).

It is also a bit heavier than a normal rubik's cube... helping me build muscle/speed for my speedcubing (speedcube is where you try to solve it as fast as possible.)

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