Interview mit dem Autor des Comics „Hack/Slash“ Tim Seeley


The Groovy Age of Horror hat ein spannendes Interview mit dem Autor des Comics „Hack/Slash“ Tim Seeley, das ich bisher gar nicht auf dem Schirm habe, von dem ich mir aber grade die ersten beiden Bände bestellt habe und mit Schrecken feststellen musste, dass die dritte Ausgabe nirgends mehr erhältlich ist und gebraucht von unfassbaren 40 bis noch unfassbareren 128 Euro kostet. Das Konzept von „Hack/Slash“ ist schnell erklärt: Das Final Girl macht jagt auf bekannte Serienkiller aus Slasherfilmen. Snip:

Cinematically, how wide a net do you cast for inspiration? Besides American slashers, what other regions and genres would you regard as fair game, and where would you draw the line? Have you considered and rejected any ideas that might have been interesting but simply weren't consistent with Hack/Slash's premise or tone? What's the single source of inspiration--whether in comics, movies, or anything else--you think readers might find most surprising?

I do tend to cast that net pretty wide. As the series progresses I think you see me pull in more and more inspiration. I think there's a lot of 80s horror comic in it, and Alan Moore's Swamp Thing really influenced me on the character stuff and the pacing of story arcs. I like to think of Cassie's world as the world of Horror movies. So, really, any horror movie could take place in her world from Italian Gialli, to Asian horror...anything I think I could say something new about or have fun with.

I rejected an idea I had for a vampire story, where there was a slasher killing vampires and Cas had to help them out. But, as much as I love vampire movies, it felt like having Cas and Vlad interact with a whole society of monsters, with their established rules and mythology, would make slashers seem less interesting in comparison. So, I try to keep her away from the "Universal Monster" least for now.

Interview with HACK/SLASH creator Tim Seeley
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