Terminator Ausstellung in Tokyo


Pink Tentacle hat Bilder aus einer Terminator-Ausstellung in Tokyo. Diese Skulptur von Cameron Philips, einem TOK715, würde sich super in meiner Bude machen. Natürlich nur in Lebensgröße. Snip:

In this exhibition, we exhibit the artwork and costumes actually used during the filming of the "Terminator Series" movies. We will also introduce research on the communicative ability of robots from the viewpoint of science and technology.

With the appearance of a biped robot attracting people's attention and with pet robots and cleaning robots becoming common today, it has become possible to imagine a future where humans and robots coexist. In the "Terminator Series," many robots that become dangerous to humans are being portrayed as well as robots that coexist with people. Through this exhibition, we will think about the future and the ideal robot technology that is the fusion of various technologies such as machinery and information, and also what kind of relationship human beings will create with robots.

Terminator robots in Tokyo (pics)