Financial Crisis Strippers


Während Blu die Finanzkrise mit einem Haifisch aus Geldscheinen bebildert und Douglas Rushkoff nicht ganz zu Unrecht fordert, man möge doch bitte bitte die angeschlagene Wirtschaft in Ruhe sterben lassen, weil die Finanzkrise eh nur den Bullshitpart beträfe, machen es die Russen mal wieder ganz anders. Dort bekämpft eine Bank die fiese Finanzkrise mit Stripperinnen.

During this recession and world economic crisis times one Russian bank has got a new not so usual vacancy opened. This vacancy is female stripper. What are they for in the monetary institution one can ask? The answer is publicity. Some credit structures can hit any measures in order to avoid the bankrupcy, so the such publicity that can giv strippers is also worth of trying, so the idea appeared to hire strippers to dance in the windows to attract new customers to the bank and gain some free media coverage, both national and international.

Russian Bank Strippers