Beat Blender mixt RFID Frucht-Tracks

(Vimeo DirektBeat Blender #1)

Die Headline klingt schon sehr absurd, aber genau hierum geht es: Der Beat Blender ist ein umgebauter Frucht-Mixer, der verschiedene Tracks mischt. Die Songs werden aktiviert, in dem man mit RFID-Chips versehen Früchte in den Mixer schmeisst.

I found this old blender from a flea market and noticed that the names of the different blending modes are very similar to the terminology used in DJing. So I decided to turn this kitchen appliance into a DJ mixer.

The audio tracks are triggered by inserting different fruits into the blender. The buttons on the front panel control the mixing modes and you also have two different types of transformer switches for cutting the sound in and out.

How does it work?

* Arduino for brains
* RFID reader
* Different kinds of fruits made out of felt
* RFID tags inside the fruits
* Max/MSP for converting the serial data to MIDI
* Ableton Live for playback
* Mad skills to pay the bills

Motion - Beat Blender (via Make)