Dave MacDowells „The Samuel Jackson 5“ plus Interviews


Über Dave MacDowell Popkultur-Mashup-Artworks habe ich im Dezember 2008 erst gebloggt, seit dem sind ein paar neue Arbeiten hinzugekommen, unter anderem obiges fantastisches „The Samuel Jackson 5“ und Sour Harvest hat ein Interview bezüglich seiner anstehenden Ausstellung „The Sins of Atticus Finch“.

1) Please talk a lil' bit about the general idea/vibe behind your new series of works for your upcoming solo show with us.
The overall push is to embrace our inner “crazy-person”. We’re all wild kids at heart, but life has a way of binding/repressing our desires for fun and freedom. This show reminds us that we can again view the world with child-like wonder against all odds.

2) What’s your earliest memory involving art or creating art?
Crayon’s and coloring books were serious business back in the day. I believed that coloring books were secretly given to me by their creators. I thought Josie and The Pussycats would be mad at me if I didn’t color their book the best that I could. These cartoon stars were gods, watching and judging my work. Talk about pressure on a kid, man!

An interview with David MacDowell... , Dave MacDowells Portfolio (via Juxtapoz)