Very strange Video: Reproduction Cycle Among Unicellular Life Forms Under the Rocks Of Mars

(Youtube Direktmars, via YBNBY)

Dieses sehr, sehr strange Video kommt von demselben Herrn, über dessen sehr, sehr strange Futurismus-Doku „Let's Visit the World of the Future“ ich neulich erst gebloggt hatte. Snip von einem Kommentar auf IMDB:

Seemingly incorporates or remakes and expands upon the director's childhood claymation film, The Wad and the Worm (1969), in which (according to a description I read) a dinosaur eats a worm, regurgitates it, upon which the worm metamorphizes into a huge hand that smashes the dinosaur. Reproduction Cycle (which I have seen) uses claymation to follow the life of the Martian "Peenworm" which similarly involves feeding, vomiting, metamorphosis, and partial self-destruction.