Scans alter Notgeld-Scheine


Flickr User Iliazd hat hunderte Scans alter Notgeld-Scheine hochgeladen. Wenn die Finanzkrise auch noch so bunt wird, dann sehe ich ihr einigermaßen gelassen entgegen.

My wife's family lived in Germany unitil 1936, when they were lucky enough to leave. My wife's grandfather collected thousands of bills produced by the different towns and companies to make front to deflation first and inflation later and provide certain stability to workers and residents.
Each town hired artists and craftsmen to design this money, which reflects the aesthetic and concerns of the time and place.

I will try to slowly scan an extensive collection of these bills in the coming months (I have several thousand of them!). It may also seem timely, at this time of massive deficits and stimulus spending with no end in sight, to look at some of the possible effects of our actions from a historical perspective.

Notgeld - Pre-Inflationary German Currency (via MeFi)