Star Wars Yoga


Auf Youwillnotbelieve macht Matthew "The" Latkiewicz grandiosen Fun mit Star Wars und hat eine Serie von Yoga-Haltung erfunden. Oben der „Half I Am Your Father“, die Figuren kommen mit fiktiven Briefwechseln von George Lucas und einem Steve Jones. Hier der Text des ersten Postings:

Dear Mr. Lucas,
It has come to our attention here at LucasFilm that the Star Wars Brand has recently suffered in popularity. Forgetting for a moment the bizarre animated film recently released, Star Wars merchandise sales have hit an all time low. It is time for a dramatic rethinking of not only the SW brand itself, but also it's target audience. For too long we have tried to sell action figures and lunch boxes to overweight "geeks" and "nerds". This market has and will continue to be loyal, but we believe they are also saturated.

We propose a new marketing strategy and target: the 30-something, health conscious consumer who probably owns an Apple laptop and is trying to live "green". In this effort, we would like to initiate a line of Star Wars Branded Yoga. Attached you will find a design and concept study.

People who participate in yoga are one of the most cash-rich demographics in this country currently. (The other large cash-rich group is people who watch golf - perhaps a Star Wars themed course? Just an idea.) We believe that if we can sell them on the idea that their yoga can be enhanced by the Star Wars brand, we will definitely have tapped a deep chakra of money.

Any thoughts? We will continue to brainstorm and create new poses based on the Star Wars Universe.

Thanks George,
Steve Jones, Senior VP
LucasFilm Marketing and Brand Strategy

Star Wars Yoga (via Kottke)