Tofu, the dancing Robot

16.01.2009 Misc #Dance #Robots

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(Vimeo Direkttofu)

Vor anderthalb Jahren hatten wir Keepon, den tanzenden Roboter. Heute haben wir Tofu, eine neue Roboterentwicklung vom MIT, die komisch aus der Wäsche schaut und rhytmische Sportgymnastik macht.

TOFU is a project to explore new ways of robotic social expression by leveraging techniques that have been used in 2d animation for decades. Disney Animation Studios pioneered animation tools such as "squash and stretch" and "secondary motion" in the 50's. Such techniques have since been used widely by animators, but are not commonly used to design robots. TOFU, who is named after the squashing and stretching food product, can also squash and stretch. Clever use of compliant materials and elastic coupling, provide an actuation method that is vibrant yet robust. Instead of using eyes actuated by motors, TOFU uses inexpensive OLED displays, which offer highly dynamic and lifelike motion.

Tofu (via BBGadgets)