Batmangas Chip Kidd-Interview

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Chip Kidd ist Musiker, Grafik-Designer und Herausgeber der Batmanga-Anthologie, die ich hier schonmal vorgestellt habe und die mittlerweile auch bei mir im Regal steht. Wired hat ein Interview mit ihm über den Entstehungsprozess des Buchs und ein Video, in dem Chip Kidd seine unglaubliche Wohnung mit noch unglaublicheren Sammlerstücken vorstellt, eine Butze voller vintage Batman-Blechtoys, hach! Speaking of major material, you're a collector. Tell us about your killer apartment. What are some of your prized possessions?

Kidd: God, that's a loaded question! I'd have to say that the things that mean the most to me are the examples of original comic art that I'm able to look at every day, most of them either by notable friends and/or for projects that I've worked on. Any thoughts on the blockbuster commodification of Batman these days? Has that franchise been turned around, or does it not matter?

Kidd: The Batman film franchise has obviously been turned around, quite capably, and it certainly does matter, at least to Warner Bros.! I do think they've found themselves painted into a corner, both by their own ambition and tragic circumstance. But I join the rest of global geekdom in eagerly awaiting to see how they're going to top The Dark Knight. Are you similarly geeking over the Watchmen film?

Kidd: I think the Watchmen film will be great. But by all accounts, if you're familiar with the book there won't be many surprises, other than seeing your favorite scenes brought to life.

Chip Kidd's Batman Fandom Gets Arty in Bat-Manga