Ron Englishs Charlie Brown und Murphys Law

Ich liebe Ron Englishs Interpretation von Charlie Brown (via Superpunch): Mit einem totenschädeligen Grinsen gegen Murphys Law, gibts ab 13. Januar als Vinyl-Toy. Apropos Murphy: Dessen Gesetz, nachdem alles, was schiefgehen kann, auch schiefgehen wird (Charlie Brown kann ein Lied davon singen), feiert 2009 60jähriges Jubiläum.

Among the many fine anniversaries in prospect this year, not the least is the 60th birthday of Murphy's Law, alternatively - though erroneously - known as Sod's Law or, if you're really into this kind of thing, Finagle's Law.

This is the commonly held perception that the world is inherently a perverse place; in other words, if something can go wrong, it will. The proverbial example of the principle is, of course, that if you drop a slice of toast, it will land buttered side down. There are countless others; people have written entire books of them and websites abound (including, to which my thanks).

The military are fond of: "The more advanced your equipment, the further you will be from civilisation when it fails." Parents will relate to: "No child ever throws up in the toilet." Drivers will appreciate: "The other lane is always faster." Shoppers will relate to: "The simpler and quicker your transaction, the more complex and time-consuming the transaction of the person in front of you in the queue."

Charlie Browns Anwendung für Murphys Law wäre dann: „The harder I want to kick that football, the higher I'll fly“. Oder so ähnlich.

Accidents will happen – Jon Henley salutes the simple brilliance of Murphy's Law (via MeFi)