Abandoned London


Ian Visits (was garantiert nicht sein Name ist, aber wurscht) ist am Weihnachtsmorgen in London herumgerannt und hat die menschenverlassene Stadt fotografiert.

A couple of years ago I had the idea that it might be fun to take photos of London without humans - yes, I was motivated by that scene in Westminster from 28 Days Later. Unfortunately, not being a film director I was not really in the position to have half of London sealed off for photos - but realised that on Xmas morning there could be an opportunity.

Alas, last year it poured down with rain - but this year the weather was good, and despite having a bad cold for the past few days I was determined to get up early and cycle around the West End of London taking photos.

Ian Visits Blogeintrag (via Notcot)
Abandoned London Flickr-Set

Ja, ja, ich weiß. Gestern noch über Abandoned Stuff abgelästert und heute... aber das hier ist ja wohl mal wirklich was anderes, ey!