Interview mit Ari Folman, Regisseur von „Waltz with Bashir“

Salon hat ein Interview mit Ari Folman, Regisseur eines der besten Filme des Jahres: „Waltz with Bashir“. Folman arbeitet grade an einer Verfilmung von Stanislav Lems „Der futurologische Kongress“, bei der er wieder seine Mischung aus Animations- und Realfilm anwenden wird.


This is such a beautiful and strange film. But it's such an unlikely subject for animation. Why did you decide to tell a true story about your memories of the Lebanon war as an animated film?

You know, when you write a story you imagine it, and the scenes in my mind were always drawn, always animated. So there was not another option. I would never do it any other way. And, honestly, I think I wouldn't be sitting here with you today if this was not an animated film. You wouldn't care about what happened to a guy like me 25 years ago, when I was just a common soldier in Lebanon, if you weren't told, "Oh, it's a very cool animated film. You have to see this film."

As a filmmaker it gave me total freedom to do whatever I liked. To go from one dimension to another. To go from real stories to the subconscious to dreams to hallucinations to drugs to fear of death to anxiety, everything. I had the liberty to play with everything in one story line.

War as a "bad acid trip"