Jamie Hewletts Designer-Vibrators

Das hier ist für die Damen: Jamie Hewlett (genau, der Zeichner der Gorillaz und Tank Girl) hat für Jimmy Jane eine Serie von Designer-Vibratoren gestaltet mit wie immer wunderbaren Comic-Charakteren. Das hier ist Vanity Unit aus Texas, for ultimate Pleasure.

Krug guzzling, slick-crude-pumping billionairess. Black gold; oil that is, Texas tea. Little Miss Unit is the belle of every oil baron's ball with nodding donkey's to spare she sure as hell no spare ass Annie.

Every prairie doggie, cow poke and rooting tooting ten gallon toting tycoon's after a piece of her pumpkin pie. Vanity's made her own declaration of independence and ain't bound to end up bare foot and wide receiving for no Billy Bob. On first name terms with President B. Franklin and that's the only star spangled pedigree that a good ole girl needs. Never the less this Tallahassee lassie's not above a straight up sour mash down so set yourself a sell and take your shoes off. Texas style. Y'all come back, y'hear?

Jimmy Jane Ultimate Members Edition (via Albotas)