Luke Andersons Steampunk-Maus mit dem Skelett einer echten Maus

Luke Anderson hat diese Steampunk-Maus aus einer alten Schreibmaschine, ein bisschen Holz und einem Skelett einer echten Maus gebaut. Noch dazu hat er LEDs eingebaut, die den Totenschädel der Maus beleuchten, sobald man sie bewegt. Weeeee!

There are 2 LEDs on this mouse, 1 was near the laser which gives the mouse a slight glow at all times, and a 2nd LED used to light the back of the mouse whenever it was moved. I extended the wires on the 2nd LED and then dremeled a hole into the bottom of the skull and stuffed it in there. The mouse was then placed on a big gear which I glued to the circuit board of the mouse, covering most of the internals. Now, whenever you move the mouse, the whole skull lights up! Creeeeepy!

The Paradox Mouse!! Custom Computer Mouse (via Ohgizmo)