Grace Jones aus Schokolade

Creative Review hat ein nettes Making Of der Schokoladen-Visuals vom Tom Hingston Studio des neuen Grace Jones-Albums.

Photographed by Jonathan De Villiers, the cover for Hurricane features a production line of chocolate Grace Jones heads with supporting imagery showing Jones inspecting a range of body parts at various stages of the manufacturing process.

“The original idea was to produce a set of images of Grace being mass-produced but with her being in control of the actual process,” says Hingston. “The crux of the idea is that she has ownership of her identity. We looked at a range of manufacturing processes, from car makers to pottery factories, but there was something about her being made of chocolate that had [the right] connotations.”

Whilst scouting the Thorntons factory in Derbyshire as a potential location for a shoot, the chocolatiers suggested making up the moulds for each of the body parts (16 in all) and creating them there in the factory.

Grace Jones in Chocolate