EU lehnt den „Three Strikes“-Antrag ab

Yes! Sarkozy und seine Three-Strikes-Pläne zur Bekämpfung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen sind an den EU-Kulturministern gescheitert. Die hatten dem Vorhaben bereits am Freitag eine Absage erteilt.

EU culture ministers yesterday (20 November) rejected French proposals to curb online piracy through compulsory measures against free downloading, instead agreeing to promote legal offers of music or films on the Internet.

The EU Culture Council pushed yesterday (20 November) for "a fair balance between the various fundamental rights" while fighting online piracy, first listing "the right to personal data protection," then "the freedom of information" and only lastly "the protection of intellectual property".

"Three Strikes and You're Out" Struck Down (via /.)