SpaceAge-Band Spotnicks singen „My Bonnie is over the ocean“

(Dailymotion Direktbonnie, via Popmoderne)

Vier Herren in Raumanzügen singen Anfang der 1960er „My Bonnie is over the ocean“. Hier gibt es noch viel mehr Videos mit den Spotnicks, sie sind immer noch unterwegs auf Tour und haben eine offizielle Website, auf der man durch die Artworks sämtlicher Platten browsen kann. Ich bin ja sowieso für mehr Space Age Bands und was machen Sigue Sigue Sputnik heute eigentlich? Snip von Wikipedia:

The Spotnicks are an instrumental rock group from Sweden, who were formed in 1961. They were famous for wearing "space suit" costumes on stage, and for their innovative electronic guitar sound. They have since released 42 albums, selling more than 18 million records, and still tour.

The Spotnicks originated from "Rock-Teddy and The Blue Caps", a group formed in 1957 in Gothenburg by guitarist Bo Winberg (born 27 March 1939), with Bo Starander (born 11 March 1942) (rhythm guitar), and Björn Thelin (born 27 June 1942) (bass guitar). In 1958 they added Ove Johansson (drums), changed their name to "The Frazers", and began playing regularly in local clubs. They signed a recording contract in 1961, and changed their name to "The Spotnicks", a play on the Russian satellite Sputnik as suggested by their manager, Roland Ferneborg. Starander was later known as Bob Lander.