Historische Wissenschaftsbücher

NPR hat ein extrem interessantes Videos über eine aktuelle Ausstellung historischer wissenschaftlicher Bücher in der Huntington Bibliothek in Kalifornien. Unter anderem werden dort Newtons Principia Mathematica (und zwar Newtons Ausgabe des Buchs) und Hubbles Exemplar von Galileos Sidereus Nuncius gezeigt.

"We're trying to illustrate what is sometimes a slippery notion, and one that is often unexpected," says Lewis, "to think of science and beauty, hand in hand."

The exhibition focuses on four areas of science: astronomy, natural history, medicine and light. Some of the books featured are Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica, the book where Newton codified the laws of motion and gravity; Nicolaus Copernicus' De Revolutionibus, the description of a solar system which had the sun, not the Earth, at its center; and Petrus Apianus' Astronomicum Caesarium, a collection of strikingly beautiful, hand-illustrated star charts published in 1540.

Paging Through History's Beautiful Science (via Growabrain)