Marvel Zombies 3 Preview

Newsarama hat die ersten 11 Seiten der ersten Ausgabe von Marvel Zombies 3, und diesmal kommen die Marvel Zombies im „echten“ Marvel Universum an. Snip von Wikipedia:

Zombies invade Earth 616 - the mainstream Marvel Universe - by entering through the Nexus of Realities in Florida. Siege, Jennifer Kale, Wundarr and the Conquistador, local members of the 50 State Initiative, investigate but are attacked by what appear to be non-powered zombies and an undead Deadpool.

Machine Man and Jocasta accept a mission from A.R.M.O.R. to travel to the Marvel Zombie universe to find DNA from an uninfected human, and Portal transports them there. It is revealed that Michael Morbius, one of the scientists working with A.R.M.O.R., is actually one of the Marvel Zombies who has substituted himself for the real Morbius, whom he has held captive in secret. The zombified Morbius is part of a bigger conspiracy that threatens the Marvel Universe or as Morbius gleefully puts it "to spread the gospel", which echoes a sentiment made earlier by the zombified Reed Richards in Marvel Zombies, who initiated such a plan to zombify the Marvel Universe.

Ich fand die Marvel Zombies ja schon immer eher mäßig gezeichnet (eber hey, sie haben Zombies, so what!), während die Cover von Arthur Suydam schon immer absolut grandios waren. Diesmal kommen die Cover von Greg Land parodieren die Cover keine berühmten Comics, sondern Filme, yay!

Unlike the prior Marvel Zombies series covers, which were zombie variations of past Marvel comics covers, Marvel Zombies 3 covers are variants of well known movie posters

* Issue #1 is a reference to the Army of Darkness movie poster.
* Issue #2 is a reference to the 28 Days Later movie poster.
* Issue #3 is a reference to The Evil Dead movie poster.
* Issue #4 is a reference to the US Shaun of the Dead movie poster.

Marvel Zombies 3 #1 Preview auf Newsarama (Danke Carsten!)
Marvel Zombies 3 #2 Preview auf