Smiths-Reunion auf dem Coachella-Festival 2009?

[update] Rumour debunked. Meh. (Danke Christoph!)

Okay, das hier ist ein Extremfall von „Handle with care“, weil 1.) Morrissey eine Re-Union der Schmidts immer immer immer ausgeschlossen hat und schon ein Angebot der Veranstalter des Coachella Festivals 2006 in Höhe von 2,8 Millionen Pfund ausgeschlagen hatte und 2.) es sich bei der Quelle um das englische Boulevard-Blatt „The Sun“ handelt, also nicht grade der Quell des wohlrecherchierten Qualitätsjournalismus. Aber das ist mir in diesem Fall ausnahmsweise mal egal: Quellen aus dem Umfeld der ehemaligen Indie-Superstars sagen, eine Re-Union wäre mittlerweile mehr als wahrscheinlich und sie würden wohl für einen einmaligen Gig auf dem Coachella 2009 noch einmal zusammenkommen. Sollte sich das wirklich als wahr herausstellen, dann: WHOOOOOOHOO!

IT’S the reunion no one thought was possible. But iconic Mancs THE SMITHS are “closer than ever” to setting aside their poisonous differences for a comeback. Sources close to the band believe they could headline California festival Coachella in a one-off show next April for a huge pay day.

Singer MORRISSEY turned down a £2.8million bid from the event organisers in 2006 but they will have massively upped the offer. Any deal would mark a remarkable turnaround. Veg-loving frontman Morrissey has repeatedly vowed to never again share a stage with his former bandmates, guitarist JOHNNY MARR, bassist ANDY ROURKE and drummer MIKE JOYCE.

A source revealed, however: “It has looked impossible in the past but suddenly it all looks like it could happen. “The buzz around the people who used to work for the band is they could play Coachella for a ludicrous amount of money. It’s closer than it ever has been. “The split was a messy affair, but time’s a healer.”

IRVING AZOFF is being credited with making the band reconsider their position on a comeback. Earlier this year Morrissey hired the former MCA records head — recognised as one of the most powerful figures in music — to manage him. I understand his involvement is playing a big part in tempting the band to hook up.

Smiths 'closer than ever' to reunion (via Stereogum)