Doku: The Confessions of Robert Crumb

(Google Direktcrumb, via Ectomo)

Robert Crumb ist Mitbegründer der Underground-Comic-Bewegung, seine berühmteste Comic-Figur (neben ihm selbst und seiner Frauen-Obsession) ist wohl Fritz the Cat. Das hier ist eine Dokumentation, geschrieben von ihm selbst, was das ganze weniger zu einer Dokumentation, sondern zu einem echten Crumb macht: bitter-sweet und totally weird. „Helly, my Name is Robert Crumb and this is my wife, Aileen, we're Underground-Cartoonists. On the surface our life seems to be really quiet and charming. But underneath it's a steamin' cauldron of sexual perversion, drugs and twisted neurosis.“ Großartig! Snip von IMDB:

In 1987, Robert Crumb presents himself: raised by a Marine father, educated in Catholic schools, married at 21 in Cleveland where he worked for a greeting card company, dropping acid in 1965, heading to San Francisco and getting in on the formation of Zap Comix, gaining celebrity, loving old time jazz, starting a band, living in a commune, meeting Aline Kominsky who became his second wife and his partner in art, having a daughter, and developing a more realistic drawing style. The confessions include his loneliness, his obsessions with women, his bewilderment by fame, his sense of the disintegration of Sixties' subculture, his nervous breakdown in 1973, and his peace now.

Weitere Filme um Robert Crumb sind „Crumb“ (1993), den ich allerdings nicht gesehen habe. Dafür aber „American Splendor“, ein Biopic über das Leben seines Freundes Harvey Pekar, dessen Geschichten Crumb bebilderte.