Interview mit Levi van Veluw, Fotograf unglaublicher Selbstportraits

PingMag hat ein Interview mit Levi van Veluw, den ich im April bereits hier hatte und dessen Video zu seiner Serie „Landscapes“ Nico hier bei Spreeblick vorgestellt hatte. Im Interview erzählt er ein bisschen, wie er seine Selbstportraits herstellt und dass es schonmal bis zu neun Stunden dauert (!), in denen er vorm Spiegel steht und Grünzeug aufträgt oder sich mit Kulis bemalt. Wenn ich mich für neun Stunden im Spiegel betrachten müsste, bräuchte ich hinterher eine Lobotomie, oder sowas.

So about the Ballpoint series: How do you get such precise lines with a felt pen? It doesn’t smear… Do you prepare the face with something before? And how long does it take to cover your head approximately?

First, I had to degrease my skin with alcohol. And it takes about nine hours to create the drawing while constantly looking in the mirror. In the end, you just need a lot of patience, and discipline. However, it doesn’t have to be perfect since imperfection is part of the work.

Wow, nine hours! How does it feel? Is it like a meditation? What do you feel while applying the ink?

When I start, I feel very uncertain about my work and myself. It is very confrontational to create an autonomous work directly onto yourself. So I have to motivate myself every time to go through.
Sometimes it is very frustrating, because nobody tells you what to do and there is nobody who supports you to go through. But I have to make all the choices while I create the drawing, so it is not really like a meditation. When everything is finished, I am always really tired.

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