Flooded London 2090

Die Ausstellung „Flooded London“ zeigt fünf Bilder aus einem post-apokalyptischen London im Jahr 2090, in dem sich die Bewohner der Stadt schon lange an die Überflutung durch die ansteigenden Meeresspiegel gewöhnt und ihr Leben an die herrschenden Verhältnisse angepasst haben.

Flooded London exhibition is held at Medcalf Gallery in Clerkenwell presenting a series of images depicting Squint Opera's long-term view of how London’s population has adapted to raised sea levels. The general scenario is set 80 or so years into the future, long after the sea levels have risen. The catastrophe side of the sea coming in has long since past and the five images are snapshots of people going about their lives, long since having adapted to the worlds new circumstance. The scenes shown through light boxes present London as a tranquil utopia with the architecture of the distant rat race suspended below the water.

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