Kirk/Spock-Mashup-Video zu William Shatners „Common People“-Cover

(Youtube Direktstartrek, via)

Die William Shatner-Version von „Common People“ ist eins der wenigen Covers, die ich besser finde, als das Original. Und dazu noch ein Mashup-Video der Anime-Version von „Star Trek“, in dem Kirk seinen Spock besingt... das ist ganz einfach absolut großartig, mir fehlen ein wenig die Superlative...

In the science fiction TV series Star Trek (1966-1969), the characters of Captain James T. Kirk and his Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock share an unusually close friendship, although both characters have relationships and sexual liaisons with women. Almost from the beginning, fans noticed the loving nature of the relationship. A few fan writers started speculating about the possibility of a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock. The Kirk/Spock phenomenon eventually took on a life of its own, and became one of the driving forces in Star Trek fanzines during their heyday. (Wikipedia)