Metallica machen den Radiohead, sort of

Naja, nicht ganz. Ihr neues Album werden sie nicht, wie Radiohead, zum Selbstbedienungspreis raushauen. Sie machen eher einen auf NineInchNails und bieten ihr neues Album in verschiedensten Versionen und mit exklusivem Material über die Website Mission Metallica an und vor allem: das neue Album wird von ihnen selbst als ungeschützte 320kB-MP3-Version angeboten, darüber hinaus als Vinyl und CD, je nachdem, welchen Website-Account man kauft. Als ob da jemand gelernt hätte, dass das Napsterverklagen eh keinen Sinn hat. Metallica have come a long way, baby. Aber alleine wegen „Kill 'em all“ konnte ich denen sowieso nie so richtig böse sein.

Jetzt ist das alles keine Sensation, so wie damals bei Radiohead oder Nine Inch Nails, aber wenn man bedenkt, dass bei Metallica das Major Warner dahintersteht, muss ich einfach mal sagen: Respekt. Guter Schritt in die richtige Richtung.

Metallica has been watching what Radiohead and Trent Reznor have been up to, and it would appear that this is its attempt to provide a similar experience designed to bring fans and the band closer together. However, unlike those bands, Metallica won't offer its album for free.

As a result, this represents a big move for Metallica and its major label overlord away from DRM and towards unprotected music. And since it requires the creation of a profile, the site will also likely become a sort of social network for Metallica fans as the album is released and the band goes on tour in support of it.

That said, the band and its label still have one foot in the old music industry. Mission: Metallica offers fans certain things for free (mostly in the form of video footage and teasers for the album), but the decision not to offer a free version of the album looks major label-ish when compared to Radiohead's and Nine Inch Nails' full album giveaways.

Fans have several options when signing up for Mission: Metallica, from free all the way up to $125.

Free membership

  • Fly-on-the-wall footage of the album being written and recorded
  • Pre-release excerpts from the upcoming album
  • A chance to pre-order the album and download it immediately upon its release
  • Photos and other material from Lars Ulrich's vault of historical Metallica items, including rare and live tracks
  • Entry into a contest to win free passes to every show
  • Metallica events (when they go on vacation in Europe this summer, fans will be able to virtually tag along)

Digital Album

  • $12 pre-order
  • 320 Kbps MP3 delivered on the release date

CD Album

  • $20 pre-order
  • Includes CD plus MP3 download delivered on the release date

Platinum membership

  • Price varies: Platinum membership costs $25 with the MP3 version of the album, $33 with the CD+MP3 version or $125 for the CD, the MP3s, a vinyl box set with five 180-gram LPs and a Mission: Metallica lithograph.
  • Digital, CD or vinyl copy of the album when it comes out -- in all
    cases, you get the whole album in the unprotected MP3 format (320 Kbps)
    at midnight on the release date.
  • Live show downloads
  • Extended video footage, photos and ringtones of new riffs
  • Entry into a contest for festival show tickets, including air, hotel, and band meet-and-greet
  • $10 discount on band merchandise

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