Amazon's MP3 Clips Widget Is Cool, but Not Cool Enough took one step closer to our shared online music future Thursday by launching a rather cool MP3 clips widget that lets users build song lists and embed them on sites of their choice. I say rather cool, because it's a great idea that needs more work.

For one, Amazon's MP3 clips widget has the tendency to embed tunes that don't fit into its genres. I built a widget using the site's "Old-School Rap" heading and ended up with Irene Cara's horrid "Flashdance (What a Feeling)." Not exactly the kind of tune you want keyed up after NWA's "F*ck Tha Police." It also gave me some trouble in Safari, although it seems to working nicely in Firefox. Then there's the issue of Amazon's MP3 library which, while DRM-free, is nevertheless lacking in some of the more rewarding deep cuts I like to listen to.