Vortrag vom „Pirates Dilemma“-Autor: To get rich off pirates, copy them

Matt Mason, dessen Blog zum Buch „Pirates Dilemma“ ich jetzt auch schon eine Weile lese, hat einen Vortrag darüber gehalten, wie Piraten Innovationen im digitalen Zeitalter anheizen und spinnt dabei eine Story von Filesharing über 3D-Printer bis Piraten-Radio. Eine halbe Stunde, die sich wirklich lohnt.

Mason discusses why piracy can be an opportunity as well as a threat, how pirates innovate outside of the marketplace and how legitimate businesses can respond.

Using examples from music, fashion, software and the video game industry (to name just a few of the topics covered), Mason makes the case that it is possible to beat pirates offering the same products for free, and that when pirates are adding value to society in some way, society will get behind them, at which point the only way companies can beat them is by compete with them in the marketplace.

(Google Direktpirates, via)