Warners Music-Flatrate

Nachdem Sony halbherzig über eine DRM-verkrüppelte Version einer Musik-Flatrate nachdenkt, geht Warner einen ganzen Schritt weiter, holt sich Jim Griffin an Board und will nun seinen Katalog an die ISPs lizensieren.

Warner Music Group has big plans to license its music to ISPs, as part of an overall industry plan the label hopes will materialize let people share unlimited music without infringing on content.

Essentially, you'd pay a sort of "music tax" through your ISP that would be divided among labels and artists depending on whose music was played or downloaded the most.

In order to make execute the plan, WMG has tapped Jim Griffin, a well-known digital music strategist who posted the first label-approved audio file on the internet.

He recently told the crowd attending his panel at South by Southwest that an ISP surcharge is the best way forward for the music industry and music fans. It's unclear at this point whether all ISP subscribers, including non-music fans, would have to pay the fee.

Sounds like a plan, jetzt bin ich gespannt, wie hoch die Rechnung für diese Lizenzen ausfallen wird und wieviel diese ISP-seitige Musik-Flatrate letztendlich kosten soll. Für eine funktionierende Kulturflatrate, die P2P kompletto legalisieren würde, also nicht nur Musik, sondern auch Filme (und Comics und Literatur und Software und...) enthalten müsste, wäre ich durchaus bereit, bis zu 50 Euro hinzulegen, vielleicht sogar noch mehr. Aber that's just me.