Electronic Games, 1978: Slaughtering your best friend


Modern Mechanix hat einen wirklich sehr süßen Artikel aus der Prä-Homecomputer-Phase der Game-Industrie mit wirklich tollen Nachrichten. Zum Beispiel, dass die neuesten Konsolen-Modelle nicht nur Pong, sondern auch Super-Pong spielen könnten. In 16 Variationen und in Farbe! Whoohoo! So richtig abgefahren wird es aber, wenn sie am Ende auf die sich langsam durchsetzenden Homecomputer zu sprechen kommen. Und dann kommt dieser Satz, den man heutzutage höchstens einem Beckstein in einer Killerspiel-Debatte zutrauen würde.

Even though game manufacturers are now designing games for the home, office, and shirt pocket, this is just the beginning of a whole new era of gamesmanship. Datatime Corp. may be saying this with its new wristwatch, which gives time and date on a liquid-crystal display as well as allowing you to play Jackpot, Dive, and Roulette. A backlighted display on the $100 timepiece keeps you in action no matter what the hour.

Too, let us not overlook the home computer while we’re exploring electronic games. Though computers are at the peak of the triangle in terms of numbers expected to be sold this year (owing to higher costs), a myriad of fun games can be played on a TV screen if you have your own computer. There are more possibilities, in fact, than any programmable-type video game has because you can create your own game programs as well as having access to an overwhelming amount of game software and written programs.

In spite of predictions in numbers and dollars for the future of electronic games, perhaps their real interest for all of us was best expressed by Nolan Bushnell, Chairman of Atari: “Only after you’ve experienced the sheer joy of slaughtering your best friend will you know the true meaning of fun.”