Why 2001 Didn't Sell In 1976


Eight years after the release of the movie version of Clarke's novel, Marvel Comics not only released an oversized adaptation of the film by Fantastic Four, Hulk and X-Men co-creator Jack Kirby, but also let Kirby loose on a follow-up series. While the movie adaptation didn't lack for ambition (The cover announced that "The Ultimate Trip Becomes The Ultimate Illustrated Adventure!") and had a weird charm in over-the-top narration like this -

The great Monolith makes a soft sound - - A simple, maddeningly repetitious sound which hypnotizes all who come within its spell. Moonwatcher and his tribe cluster like sleepwalkers before the cube. It is talking to them... and the man-apes are listening - - Moving closer - - Touching - - Responding to communication from the infinite...