Folter-Dokumentation „Taxi to the Darkside“ der BBC online


Die Dokumentation „Why Democracy? Taxi to the Dark Side“ untersucht die Foltervorwürfe gegen die USA anhand des afghanischen Taxifahrers Dilawar, der fünf Tage nach der Inhaftierung in Bagram starb.

The documentary, by award-winning producer Alex Gibney, carefully develops the last weeks of Dilawar’s life and shows how decisions taken at the pinnacle of power in the Bush Administration led directly to Dilawar’s brutal death. The film documents how Rumsfeld, together with the White House legal team, were able to convince Congress to approve the use of torture against prisoners of war. Taxi to the Dark Side is the definitive exploration of the introduction of torture as an interrogation technique in U.S. facilities, and the roles played by key figures of the Bush Administration in the process. (Wikipedia)

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Dazu dann bitte noch dieses Video mit Jack Cloonan vom FBI anschauen, der in der Dokumentation ebenfalls mehrfach vorkommt:

torture does not help collect intelligence, but that it does sell impressionable people on the legitimacy of jihad, on the grounds that a regime that tortures deserves to be attacked.

Alles nicht schön, aber wichtig.