Moses On Acid

Die Headline wäre ja ein Knaller für einen Band-Namen, aber ich meine das sogar ernst und jetzt wird mir klar, warum irgendwelche Propheten brennende Büsche und alte Männer in Wolken sahen: die waren auf Acid!

Shanon presents a provocative theory in an article published this week in the philosophy journal Time and Mind. The religious ceremonies of the Israelites included the use of psychotropic materials that can found in the Negev and Sinai, he says. "I have no direct proof of this interpretation," and such proof cannot be expected, he says. However, "it seems logical that something was altered in people's consciousness. There are other stories in the Bible that mention the use of plants: for example, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden."

Wunderbar absurd: religiöse Hardliner verteufeln Hippies und Punks, glauben aber an auf Drogen basierenden Blödsinn wie brennende Büsche. Ich finde, das hat was.

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