3.000.000$ für 6.000.000 Songs auf 3.000.000 Platten

rec.jpgDie größte Plattensammlung aller Zeiten gibt's bei Ebay. Wenn der Startpreis bei 'nem Euro gelegen hätte, ich würde wohl eine Weile mitbieten auf die drei Millionen Platten (!), die Paul Mawhinney in einem Lagerhaus hortet. 3.000.000 Dollar hab ich dann aber doch nicht so mal eben parat.

Every genre of American music is represented: rock; jazz; country; R&B; blues; new age; Broadway and Hollywood; bluegrass; folk; children's; comedy; Christmas, and more. No other collection in the world – publicly or privately held – even comes close.

More than half of the recordings in this incredible collection are NEW, with individual records worth hundreds or thousands of dollars each on the collectibles market. Covering many decades of music, the collection includes 78's, 45 singles and EP's, LP's, and CD's. While there are an estimated 6 million unique recordings, there are also many duplicates, which can be sold to recoup some of the cost of the collection without diminishing the collection's historical value.

Every recording in this amazing collection has been purchased by its owner, Paul Mawhinney, over a period of a half century, and stored in a 16,000 square foot climate - controlled warehouse. Many millions of dollars have been invested in the acquisition and storage of the collection, the estimated value of which is now greater than fifty million dollars.

Jetzt mal ehrlich: FUCK, wer kauft sich denn bitte 3.000.000 Platten? Dagegen stinken meine 600 CDs und 1000 Platten aber mal mächtig ab.

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