Frauen im Fernsehen, spät nachts, wenns dunkel ist. Und eine Party in den 60ern.

The Party

Almost 50 photos from one late 60s/early 70s biracial, bisexual, bacchanal. WARNING: this one's probably NSFW.

Women on TV late at night

48 Photos of women on TV taken late at night by a lonely photographer in 1957. Encrusted with 50 year old dust and emulsion the photos of women from melodramas and late-night talk shows are not only a record of one person's peculiar obsession but also a virtual catalog of the kind of roles women played in the popular entertainment of the era.

Und überhaupt: Square America. Da könnte ich stundenlang rumklicken und in den 50ern und 60ern rumhängen. Klasse!