Links vom 21. 11. 07: New Wave Singles, Star Trek Creatures, MAD Galaxy, Alien Lifeforms und das Ende des Internets


NIN Remix Site Halted by Universal Music Group
As Trent writes in a statement on the NIN site, "Universal feels that if they host our remix site, they will be opening themselves up to the accusation that they are sponsoring the same technical violation of copyright they are suing [YouTube and MySpace] for. Their premise is that if any fan decides to remix one of my masters with material Universal doesn't own-- a 'mash-up', a sample, whatever-- and upload it to the site, there is no safe harbor under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (according to Universal) and they will be doing exactly what MySpace and YouTube are doing. This behavior may get hauled out in court and impact their lawsuit."

Led Zeppelin launches „interactive“ Website
Legendary seventies band Led Zeppelin continues its march into the digital age, with the launch of an interactive concert timeline on
Every show, from Gladsaxe Teen Club, Denmark, September 7, 1968 to Eissporthalle, Berlin, July 7, 1980, is listed along with includes a setlist and the original flyer; fans can add their photos to the shows' photo sections, and reviews to the comments sections.

Radiointerview: Radiohead über “In Rainbows”
“We weren’t allowed to have copies in the house. We had to destroy all copies, none in cars, you listen to it once and then you would have to give it back or erase it.” Eine sehr unterhaltsamer Stunde mit Thom Yorke und Ed O’Brien.

Six digital music pioneers
High-profile recording artists have embraced the Internet as a creative and promotional tool since the mid-1990s and more recently have utilised the net as a medium for selling and distributing music independently. Listed below are just a handful of those pioneers.

New Wave Single Cover Archive
Bonustrack: The ModPopPunk Archives

Top 15 Rock Riffs of All Time
Here is a list of the top 15 rock riffs of all time, as compiled by Total Guitar magazine.


Star Trek's 10 Cheesiest Classic Creatures
To celebrate, we're reliving the glory of 10 of the best monsters and creatures to stomp, ooze or float across the screen in the groundbreaking TV series. Thanks to the magic of high def, and a painstaking digital remastering effort, you can now see these monsters in more detail than ever before -- although, to be fair, that doesn't make them look any more convincing.

Old School Sesam Straße - zu hart für die Kids heutzutage
Virginia Heffernan has an article in the New York Times about the first seasons of Sesame Street being released on DVD. Interestingly, the DVDs come with a warning: “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”

This Film is not yet rated
This Film Is Not Yet Rated is an independent documentary film about the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system and its ... all » effect on American culture, directed by Kirby Dick and produced by Eddie Schmidt. It premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was released into select theatres on September 1, 2006. The Independent Film Channel, the film's producer, aired the film later that autumn.

The Hawking Paradox
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

It's a MAD MAD MAD MAD Galaxy
Mort Drucker, a prolific illustrator for MAD magazine since 1956, is one of the few artists in the world who has published work for nearly every chapter in the Star Wars saga. From "The MAD Star Wars Musical" of 1978 (the second MAD take on Star Wars, the first being "Star Roars" illustrated by Harry North) to "Epic Load II: Attack of the Clowns", Drucker has caricatured nearly every Star Wars denizen to date, minus Grievous and a few other newbies from Episode III (artist Hermann Mejia covered those).

Quentin Tarantino at The Golden Girls
Before writing and directing 1992's Reservoir Dogs and 1994's Pulp Fiction, a 25 year old Quentin Tarantino appeared as an Elvis impersonator on a 1988 episode of "The Golden Girls."

Film und Internet
Entwickelt sich eine neue Filmkultur und ändert sich das Nutzungsverhalten von Filmcontent?


The 40% skull rule
If you’re portfolio is over 40% skulls, it’s worth getting some professional help and questioning your priorities in life.

Webdesign verstehen
Unter dem Titel Understanding Web Design hat Jeffrey Zeldmann einen ganz wunderbaren Artikel über den Qualitätsanspruch von Webdesign geschrieben und zieht dabei einen sehr schönen vergleich zur Architektur.

Und so.

Dream Anatomy
The interior of our bodies is hidden to us. What happens beneath the skin is mysterious, fearful, amazing. In antiquity, the body's internal structure was the subject of speculation, fantasy, and some study, but there were few efforts to represent it in pictures. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century-and the cascade of print technologies that followed-helped to inspire a new spectacular science of anatomy, and new spectacular visions of the body. Anatomical imagery proliferated, detailed and informative but also whimsical, surreal, beautiful, and grotesque — a dream anatomy that reveals as much about the outer world as it does the inner self.

Youtube: C64 Commercial (1985)

Amazon Kindle: the Web makes Amazon go bad crazy
Mark Pilgrim has a great, incisive post about the Amazon Kindle e-reader that sums up almost all of the reasons I won't be buying it -- it spies on you, it has DRM (which means that it has to be designed to prevent you from modding it, lest you mod it to remove the DRM), it prevents you from selling or lending your books, and the terms of service are nearly as abusive as the Amazon Unbox terms (and worse than the thoroughly dumb-ass Amazon MP3 terms).

A Theory of Humor
This paper presents a theory of humor, that certain psychological state which tends to produce laughter. The theory states that humor is fully characterized by three conditions, each of which, separately, is necessary for humor to occur, and all of which, jointly, are sufficient for humor to occur.

Are alien lifeforms already on Earth?
Is the emergence of life a localised one-shot fluke, or does it happen all over the place? It’s not a question we can answer with certainty yet, but that’s probably why it’s such a fascinating thing to ponder. Scientists in the latter camp suggest that life may have arisen here on Earth more than once, and according to Scientific American they are engaged in a search for examples of Terran microbial lifeforms which aren’t (or rather weren’t) based on the building blocks of the biology that we’re more accustomed to - which might add evidence in favour of the emergence of extra-terrestrial life.

Das Ende des Internets im Jahre 2010?
In den USA müssten bis zum Jahre 2010 angeblich 55 Mrd Dollar in neue Breitbandkabel investiert werden, damit das Netz die wachsende Datenflut in den Griff bekommt. Alleine Youtube würde 27 Petabyte pro Monat verbrauchen. Schuld sind die Nutzer, die Videos hoch- und runterladen und eigene Inhalte ins Netz stellen. Und wenn jetzt nichts an den politischen Rahmenbedingungen geändert wird, bricht das Internet in drei Jahren zusammen.